Sincrondraiv is a Romanian company established in 2007 in Braila. We specialize in automation and industrial equipment, equipment installation and service for Danfoss VLT ® in the field of 'industrial drives'.

Our skills / services:

  • VLT ® Drives Installation shareholders
    Implementation in any automatic system requires upgrading to ensure reliability and increase energy savings
    New solutions for automation systems
    Support for parameterization commissioning of products covered shareholders VLT ® Drives
    Service and distribution equipment in the field of industrial drives Danfoss

  • Our goal is to produce a robust desing, scalable, industrial automation systems. Our development philosophy is based on robust and elegant simplicity. Simplicity is the best choice, cause scalability, robustness and cost-effective maintenance. Complex systems can be easily designed, planned, developed and maintained only pursuing simplicity.

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