Danfoss VLT® HVAC Drive is dedicated to ventilation, heating, and refrigeration applications. With a wide range of powerful standard and and optional features, the VLT® HVAC Drive provides the lowest overall cost of ownership.


Danfoss VLT® AQUA Drive is dedicated to water and wastewater applications. With a wide range of powerful standard and optional features, the VLT® AQUA Drive provides the lowest overall cost of ownership for water and wastewater applications.


The VLT® AutomationDrive represents a single drive concept that controls the entire range of operations from ordinary to servo like applications on any machine or production line. The modular open-technology platform, on which the VLT® AutomationDrive is built, makes it exceptionally adaptable and programmable.
Its configurable, user-friendly interface supports local languages and letters


The VLT® 2800 series is among the smallest multi purpose drives in the market. Designed for space saving side by side mounting. Choose to have it with e.g. Motor Coils, RFI filter, LC+1B filters.


The VLT® Micro Drive is a general purpose drive that can control AC motors up to 22.0 kW. It is a small drive with maximum strength and reliability. RoHS compliant The VLT® Micro Drive is manufactured with respect for the environment, and it complies with the RoHS Directive. The perfect match for: - Industrial appliances - HVAC applications - OEM

VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500 is a total motor starting solution. Current transformers measure motor current and provide feedback for current and provide feedback for controlled motor ramp profiles. AAC, the Adaptive Acceleration Control automatically employs the best starting and stopping profile for the application.

Due to extensive use of the latest technology, such as new semiconductor control algorithms and bypass design, the new soft starters are very compact and heat dissipation very low.

MCD 100 is a cost effective and extremely compact soft starter for AC motors up to 11 kW, due to a unique semiconductor design.
MCD 100 is a true “fit and forget” product.Selection can be made on the basis of the motor power – exactly as with traditional contactors.

du/dt filters reduce the du/dt values on the motor terminal phase-to-phase voltage – an issue that is important for short motor cables.The du/dt filters reduce the motor insulation stress and are recommended in applications with risk of flashover.Compared to sine-wave filters, du/dt filters cut off frequencies above the switching frequency. Having small inductance and capacitance, the price of the filter is lower.

Sine-wave Filters provide a sinusoidal phase-to-phase motor voltage and reduce motor insulation stress and eliminate switching acoustic noise from the motor. Bearing currents are also reduced, especially in larger motors above 50 kW.

VLT® Filters AHF 005 & AHF 010 -The Danfoss AHF 005 and AHF 010 are advanced harmonic filters not to be compared with traditional harmonic trap filters. The Danfoss harmonic filters have been specially designed to match the Danfoss frequency converters.
By connecting the Danfoss harmonic filters AHF 005 or AHF 010 in front of a Danfoss frequency converter the total harmonic current distortion generated back to the mains is reduced to 5% and 10% respectively

The VLT® FCM 300 Series is an integrated drive-motor solution which combines a VLT® frequency converter and a high standard quality motor in a single product.

The VLT® FCD 300 is a complete frequency converter designed for decentral mounting. It can be mounted on the machine/wall -close to the motor - or directly on the motor.

Automation of irrigation stations, wastewater treatment, groundwater pumps
Automatic ventilation system (fan control based on flow, pressure, etc.)
Complex automation in industry (bottling lines, conveyors, paper cutting machines, etc.)
Lifting instalation

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